Foods such as meat and dairy contain large molecules of protein that the body digests into smaller molecules called amino acids. The body absorbs amino acids through the small intestine into the blood, which then carries them throughout the body.


ACTAZIN contains the kiwifruit enzyme actinidin, which is known to enhance protein digestion in the stomach and small intestine. Specifically, actinidin is known to have a positive effect on the digestion of red meat, dairy foods and fish.

Scientists say that consuming actinidin may*:

  • Reduce the feeling of being overfull after a protein meal
  • Increase the rate of protein absorption in the small intestine
  • Allow faster and more complete digestion of food proteins


*Kaur L, Rutherfurd S, Moughan P, et al. Actinidin Enhances Protein Digestion in the Small Intestine As Assessed Using an in Vitro Digestion Model. Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry. 2010; 58: 5074–5080.