The uniqueness of Kiwifruit fibre

Interestingly, kiwifruit fibre has unique hydration properties. It has the capacity to swell or ‘gel’ (ie, the volume fibre has in water after passively settling), reaching over three times its volume in the original fruit. Compared to rehydrated dietary fibre preparations, the swelling capacity of freeze-dried kiwifruit fibre is twelve times higher than wheat bran, more than six times higher than apple fibre, and one and a half times higher than psyllium.

Kiwifruit fibre also has high water retention capacity- the amount of water that is bound to insoluble fibre and is not separated from fibre by centrifugation. The water retention capacity of kiwifruit fibre is 12-13 g water/g insoluble fibre, which is about twice that of apple fibre and four times that of wheat bran.

The hydration properties of the fibre affect the dynamics of macronutrient absorption, reducing mixing in the bowel and diffusion. Kiwifruit fibre may also add to fecal bulking; however, it is also completely fermentable by the gut microflora and, therefore, may play a significant role in the modulation of the composition of the microflora.

Actazin® Prebiotic effect

Actazin® gently helps bowel regularity with both soluble and insoluble fibre. In-vitro trials show that Actazin® is also a prebiotic, which means it feeds good intestinal bacteria and may assist probiotic supplements.