Whether you’re constipated quite often or just wanting to keep things moving, ACTAZIN has
proven benefits for bowel regularity. Unlike laxatives, which can rush through your system in
an uncomfortable way, ACTAZIN has natural kiwifruit fibre and prebiotics that gently encourage
daily elimination.


the actazin bowel regularity study

Effects of ACTAZIN™ in healthy individuals on stool frequency and gut microbiota: a randomised clinical trial.


A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study was conducted using two dosages of ACTAZIN administered
to healthy individuals.

  • At a dose of 2,400 mg daily, ACTAZIN showed a statistically significant increase in the number of daily bowel movements.
  • A lower dose of 600 mg also showed an increase.
  • While the number of stools increased, their form was not adversely affected (i.e. ACTAZIN did not induce looser stool form).


This study demonstrated that a dose of 2,400 mg ACTAZIN daily resulted in more daily bowel movements – a 10.2% increase. The lower dose of 600 mg ACTAZIN daily showed an increase of 7.4%.

CONCLUSION: For people who have frequent trouble with constipation, taking
the high dose of ACTAZIN (2,400 mg per day) may get things moving. Once you’re back to a normal pattern, the 600 mg per day dose can have a maintenance effect.

Dr Juliet Ansell, Plant & Food Research New Zealand

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Dr Juliet Ansell, Plant & Food Research New Zealand