Bowel irregularity

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What doctors say about actazin®

Many health professionals recognise the value of naturally-sourced supplements within the context of a modern diet.
Dr Juliet Ansell, Plant and Food Research
Dr Richard Gearry, Professor of Medicine (University of Otago) and Gastroenterologist
Every day your digestive system does its best to sustain and protect your wellbeing. Its role is to provide your body with the building blocks required to function, feel good and fight invaders. However fast-paced modern life and convenience foods can put a strain on your digestion, which may lead to health problems – bloating, constipation, low energy levels and a weakened immune system, just to mention a few.
Actazin® was developed to support healthy digestion, so that you and your family can feel well every day. It’s a natural, cold-pressed powder concentrate made entirely in New Zealand.

Comforting Digestion

For people who have trouble with occasional irregularity, taking a high dose of Actazin® daily for 5–7 days, will . A daily maintenance dose of can then help keep you regular.

The benefits of Actazin®

You’ll come across Actazin® as an ingredient in health supplements and functional foods. You and your family might consume it as capsules, tablets, powders or blended drinks. Taking Actazin® every day as a supplement or functional food may assist your digestive health in several ways.

bowel regularity

Daily Actazin® may help you to avoid constipation by providing your digestive system with the nutrients it needs for regularity.
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prebiotic effects

Taking Actazin® as a supplement to maximise the benefits of over-the-counter probiotics makes sense, because it may help the good bacteria to thrive. You can also take a daily supplement containing Actazin® to support an ongoing healthy balance of gut microflora. More about the prebiotic effects of Actazin® >>

protein digestion

Actazin® contains actinidin, which is a kiwifruit-derived enzyme that helps the upper digestive tract break down certain proteins and can ease the sensation of an overfull stomach.

Actazin® is:
• Gluten-free, because it’s entirely made from whole kiwifruit
• Non-GMO project verified
• Free of preservatives
• Free of added sugars – Actazin® contains only those sugars naturally found in kiwifruit
• Suitable for kosher and halal diets – Actazin® is certified to be kosher

How Actazin® is made:
• Whole kiwifruit are gently processed into a seedless, skinless puree
• The puree is carefully dried and finely milled to produce Actazin®
• The proprietary pharma-grade processing and drying techniques used ensure high levels of key nutrients and bioactives are retained