Actazin Organic


Introducing Actazin Organic, certified by BioGro

Anagenix, the makers of ACTAZIN are aware of the growing global consumer demand for certified organic dietary
supplements. In response to this need, they have developed ACTAZIN Organic – a kiwifruit powder concentrate that
comes with internationally-respected BioGro certification.

ACTAZIN Organic is made with kiwifruit sourced from BioGro certified orchards and processed at a BioGro certified
manufacturing facility.

As New Zealand’s leading certification programme, BioGro is recognised and trusted in Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

the health benefits of actazin organic

Adding ACTAZIN Organic to your daily routine helps your body to cope with the often unnatural demands of modern life. It does this by supporting your personal microbiome (the community of bacteria that lives in your gut), which impacts many aspects of health and wellbeing, including bowel regularity, immune response and weight control. When your microbiome is out of balance you may experience bloating, constipation, low energy levels and a weakened immune system.

your microbiome is as personal as your fingerprint

The gut microbiome, also known as gut microbiota, is the microbe population that lives in your intestine. The balance of bacteria types within the microbiome is specific to each individual, like a personal fingerprint. Upsetting the balance of the gut microbiome with medications, unhealthy foods and harmful lifestyle habits is believed to be a primary factor in rising disease rates.

what do you get with actazin organic?

  • Soluble and insoluble fibre for improved bowel function
  • Prebiotics that feed and support your personal microbiome (community of gut bacteria)
  • Optimised probiotic action, if you’re taking a probiotic supplement
  • Improved protein digestion, because the kiwifruit-derived enzyme actinidin helps the upper
    digestive tract break down certain proteins and can ease the sensation of an overfull stomach
  • Phenolics to enhance immune response

how actazin organic is made

  • Whole organic kiwifruit are gently processed into a seedless, skinless puree
  • The puree is carefully dried and finely milled at a BioGro certified facilitiy to produce ACTAZIN Organic
  • The proprietary processing and drying techniques used ensure levels of key nutrients and bioactives are retained