inner health

ACTAZIN™ is a New Zealand kiwifruit powder concentrate that supports
better digestive health for people of all ages.

For everyone in your family, a healthier digestive system is the key to feeling good – inside and out.
ACTAZIN is a safe, natural way to gently assist inner health, including bowel regularity, less bloating, consistent energy levels, better sleep and an all-over feeling of wellbeing.

You can find ACTAZIN in supplements and functional foods worldwide.

New Zealand



introducing actazin organic

New ACTAZIN Organic offers you all the inner health benefits
of regular ACTAZIN, along with the extra reassurance of internationally-recognised BioGro organic certification.

what the
doctors say

Many health professionals recognise the
value of naturally-sourced supplements
within the context of a modern diet.


If you want to improve your family’s health
and immunity, start by understanding the
digestive system.


ACTAZIN is made in New Zealand from
non-GMO kiwifruit. It has special properties
that may assist everyday health.

how to get actazin